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Floored resilience

It is Janaury, the festivities are over, the Christmas Tree is lying discarded on the pavement, the merriment, facade or otherwise, echos around the house. The alarm bell rings, the trudge commences, the wind blows cold, and the snow is can feel like a ghost town in our minds at this time of year. It can seem like a long old trudge back to the summer. Janaury can floor resilence, but with a helping hand, a listening ear, and some cool collaboration, things can get better again. There is no need to be alone and feel alone. Here at the Journey Room we will work with you to understand, we might be able to equip you with some tools to go out and tackle those feelings, and we will certainly walk with you through the tough times. Give us a call. We would love to hear from you, offer you a listening ear and a safe space to explore whatever is on your mind.


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