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I see a glint behind the mask...

Each and every one of us wear at times wear a mask, there may be a select few that see behind them, there may be no one, the mask may be so engrained into our beings that we forget we are even wearing one. But at times, the mask that is worn, can start to not fit. Start to wiggle and jiggle and rough and itch, and feel quite uncomfortable.

So what do we do then? If all those that surround us only know us with this said mask, how do we take it down? What if they don't know us without the mask, what if we will let them down? What if it feels like we are expected to wear the mask? What if we see a future where we have to be what others want us to be, rather than what we feel we are? What if we are unsure about what is behind the mask ourselves.

Counselling can offer a place to try to understand all the above. To test taking the mask down with an emapthic stranger that does not judge, and does not know. To understand the mask and all its creaks and cracks, to understand that sometimes it might be useful, but at other times it might need a revamp. We often find ourselves wearing the same mask that we put on and created when we were little children, yet as teenagers or adults, we wonder why its not fitting properly.

I invite you to reach out, do some experimenting, some may even see the world through new eyes...people may Start. To. Know. You

: )


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